About Floriana


Inspired by the traditions of her homeland and by the simplicity of her hometown flavors, cooking is Floriana’s greatest passion. From a young age, Floriana spent most of her time with her grandmother Amalia, constantly watching and learning how to prepare traditional dishes. She was always ready to help and enjoyed being able to participate in the kitchen whenever she could.


At the age of 26, she decided to move to Veneto, a region in the North of Italy, with her daughter Annamaria. It wasn’t easy to leave home, but she knew it was necessary for her professional growth. Floriana was well aware of the obstacles that she would have to face in order to pursue her dream profession. Despite difficult times, she never gave up.


Italy is a country surrounded by and immersed in extraordinarily different kinds of art heritages, cultures, landscape, and cuisines. In the kitchen, Floriana likes to experiment with new flavors. While maintaining tradition, she merges classic dishes with modern twists. For Floriana, every single ingredient carries with it a wealth of memories, emotions, and love. With the simplicity and passion of those who carry their homeland in their hearts, Floriana offers culinary delicacies, flavors, and aromas that she hopes will amaze and inspire.


Floriana’s tough apprenticeship fueled her drive to learn and motivated her to attain her goals even more. There is no place in the world that she loves more than her kitchen. Floriana has shared her recipes, reviews, and successes with many chefs all around the world in places like London, Dubai, and Kerala. One of her greatest satisfactions has been receiving acclamation from both colleagues and customers alike.


After working in kitchens worldwide, Chef Floriana decided to start 2020 with a new adventure. Along with her family, Floriana moved to Las Vegas with the desire to create her first Italian pizzeria on wheels. Floriana is currently the owner and head Chef at Signora Pizza. She also continues to be an international pizza consultant and since 2016 a Judge at World Champion Pizza Maker at Pizza Expò Las Vegas (NV). While Signora Pizza was born in Italy, it quickly moved to the busy city of Las Vegas, bringing along with‐it fresh ingredients, creativity, and a culinary sense of La Dolce Vita.